We've recovered from the karaoke competition and we're ready to share our main takeaways from ACA International 2019!

Ashley Campanella Customer Success Manager

"I would say I learned that having a fun competition between collectors is a good way to motivate them. When they know there is something on the line for "winning," it can increase productivity and they get praised by others which makes them feel good.

I also learned it's important to train collectors to look for certain things consumers say, because consumers can say things very indirectly that will still cause a lost lawsuit. If the collector does not know the answer to a question the consumer is asking, then they need to ask for help so they don't say the wrong thing and possibly get a lawsuit that way."

Emily Faracca Content Creator

"It is always a privilege to attend these conferences; I get to experience the industry in a truly remarkable way. From a marketing perspective, there is no better way to find out what our clients are dealing with and what they want to know about. In this case, when the debt collection industry is under a great deal of scrutiny and new regulations are particularly precarious, I was able to hear from thought leaders advocating for both sides - consumers and collectors. This insight is invaluable, not only for how I craft my marketing messages, but also for how we craft our products. It was an incredible learning experience. I was happy to re-connect with other vendors in the space as well."

Tracy Willis Director of Marketing

"It was my first time attending ACA International and I am new to the industry. There was a wealth of information available at each of the sessions and I got to experience first-hand how dedicated each attendee is to the success of the entire industry. The collaboration of this industry and ongoing dedication to education is truly admirable."

Rebecca Poynton Director of Sales

"ACA International Summit 2019 was a five day education journey into the world of collections. This was a deep dive into learning about the role of so many players in this space, from collection agencies, to legal representation, advocacy, and the vendors that support them. I had so much fun getting to know these great folks, but I also had the opportunity to spend time in classes, learning about up and coming technologies that will ultimately help collections; learning about legal changes, and spending time in dedicated sessions for women in leadership.Everyone has a story and it was great hearing their insight into how the industry has changed and how enriching this space has been for each of them. I’m looking forward to the next event."

Thanks to everyone who made the conference happen! If we didn't get a chance to connect in the expo hall but you want to know more about our products, click here to schedule a chat:

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