Is 'growth culture' just a buzzword, or should it be considered a framework for teams who want to expand their business?


You may have heard a buzzword floating around: "growth mindset."

At first, the term had nothing to do with growing a business. Stanford Professor Dr. Carol Dweck coined the term "growth mindset" to refer to students she believed could bounce back from failure and form new habits more quickly. 

There's been a shift though. In a competitive, complex, and volatile small business environment, companies need employees more engaged than ever. And the best way to engage an employee, some research shows, is to create a culture where every individual feels connected to the company's success and growth - or, a growth culture.

We wanted to speak to someone with experience on this topic, and luckily, we found Marlyne Pierce of Modern Mogul Ventures. Marlyne is a growth strategy consultant and leadership advisor who focuses on customer experience to delivery growth initiatives. She is also an advocate for modern leadership models, which are beginning to shift toward deliberately developmental cultures. 

Here are a few of the organizational components Marlyne advocates for:

1. Continuous feedback up, down and across the organization

2. A focus on continuous learning through curiosity and drive

3. An environment where employees are empowered to make decisions - even if it means making a mistake - for the betterment of the company as a whole

4. Disciplining yourself to communicate the high level goals of the company on a consistent basis

Be sure to hear Marlyne go into these subjects in much more details in the video above. If you would like to learn more about Arbeit's culture, check out Hiring Based on a Grit and Growth Mindset or How to Align Sales and Marketing in 2019.


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