Mary Ann Hess operates three businesses locally out of one building.

In addition to owning a salon, running a chocolate factory and operating a chocolate shop, she is always on the go - making deliveries, meeting with clients and purchasing goods. When she considers the expectations of her contact software, her priorities are pretty straightforward.

First and foremost it must work one hundred percent of the time, go where she goes, and be as dependable as she is to her customers. Before switching to Arbeit Voice, she was a Spectrum user.

"Calls were breaking up or shutting off, calls were dropping, I was losing customers," she said. On top of the poor connection and service, her bill was hiked by one hundred dollars after one year of subscription for no apparent reason. When that happened, it was the last straw.

"I said to myself, 'Enough,'" she said.

She switched to Arbeit Voice, and her phone bill was slashed by fifty percent.

But it wasn't just the lower cost she appreciated. She took advantage of the advanced capabilities Arbeit Voice offers, including mobile service.

She has three extensions in her multi-use building. In addition to that, her mobile phone goes where she goes. She never misses a call or voicemail while she's outside of her building.

"I’m not losing calls, nothing is dropping, I'm getting my messages the way I should get them," she says.

And the best part?

As a small business owner herself, Mary Ann was often frustrated by the sub-par corporate version of customer service she received from Spectrum.

"I love the personal touch," she said. "Things get taken care of immediately whatever the situation is, I don’t have to wait and get put on hold, or wait days for someone to get back to me. Arbeit never turns their back on their customers."

The theme of her success using Arbeit Voice: "I always have access to my business," she said.

If mobility, dependability and unmatched customer service is important to you, it's a guarantee Arbeit Voice can meet your expectations.

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