If you are not using call recordings, you're missing out on an integral training tool.

Greg Ruffino has worked in the debt collection industry for nine years at Williams and Fudge. And for the past five years, Greg has been responsible for keeping a team of 260 collectors trained and in tip top shape. After these years of experience, Greg is sharing with us what he believes in an integral part of the training process - call recordings.

What Can We Learn from Call Recordings?

"If you can't hear yourself, that conversation in that moment is forgotten," said Greg. He also emphasizes how important it is to hold collectors accountable for the hours of training they receive.

"It's one thing to hear it in a classroom. But if the methods they have been trained for are not happening on a call, how are you going to bring the accountability back to them?"

People need to hear themselves in order to improve. This is true across the board but maybe especially in the collection setting. In addition, the ability to record your top collectors effectively negotiating with a consumer are an invaluable training tool for new hires.

Using Call Recordings to Proactively Prevent a Lawsuit

Greg shared with us a few different things Williams and Fudge does to proactively prevent a lawsuit.

1. As part of their training, new collectors listen to calls that did result in a lawsuit. This way, new collectors know exactly what to listen for from consumers who call in who may be call baiting. They know how to respond and how not to respond.

2. Williams and Fudge uses Call Miner for call analytics. Using the analytics, certain words and phrases are picked up and the call may be slid to a manager to review at a later date. 

3. Trainers walk around with a Bluetooth headset on and walk the floor. If a newer collector has a question about something or their conversation is becoming elevated, they can put their hand up and one of the trainers can easily listen in and coach the collector through the call, or take over the call completely.

"There's very real liability in both training and lawsuit potential when you don't have a recorded back up of what you're doing."

Believe it or not, there is no law that says a collection agency must record their calls. But the fact is, if you are hit with a lawsuit based on a call, and you don't have call recording, you will have no record of what happened on the call.

If your agency is not currently using call recordings, we encourage you to consider the cost of not using it - not just to prevent a lawsuit, but to set your collectors up for success inasmuch as you can! If your software provider does not include call recording, we can't not mention that Arbeit's products include unlimited call recording - just saying. For a demo of any of our products, click below!

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Thank you again to Greg Ruffino for his time and expertise! If you want to see our interview with him about the importance of ongoing training in collection, click here


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