Is your computer tech up to date? If the answer is no, then this episode is for you! Today's episode is all about updating debt collection technology in your agency. 


They tackle the concern of cost when it comes to updating your hardware and they tell you why its worth it. Watch the video and see why you need to keep your tech up to date. A transcription of the video will also be available below. 
  • Stop being cheap with your computers and monitors!
  • You're going to spend more time trying to fix those then you are if you would just spend an extra couple hundred bucks
  • If you want to know the stats on productivity increases with dual monitors, check out this article from "Increasing Productivity: How Dual Monitors Can Save You Time and Money"  
  • Investing in new hardware is going to increase productivity
  • People overlook it so much because they just don't realize that they need to upgrade it

What tech do you use? Are there any specific brands you prefer? Leave us a comment down below. We would love to read your suggestions.

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