A collection agency can only be as compliant as their collectors are. In order to be sure your agency is staying compliant at all times, this starts with training. Training your collectors to be compliant is vital as they are on the phone with consumers all day long. Here are 3 ways to be sure your collectors are staying compliant while on the phones;

  1. Hire Collectors With No Experience:  The key to hiring a collector with no experience is they do not have any bad habits.  They are like a blank canvas, you can easily train them on and mold them into a compliant collector. By doing this, you are able to teach them, from the start. Collectors are coming in with no experience and you can ensure they are compliant from their very first day on the phones.
  2. Continuous Testing: In order to be sure your collectors are being compliant, it is important you test them continuously. Testing should be done on laws such as TCPAFDCPA, and CFPB. How can a collector be compliant if they do not know the law? Testing should not just end after the initial hire, testing should be ongoing. The laws are always changing, and as a result, you must always be testing on the law to ensure your collectors know the laws inside and out in order to stay compliant. 
  3. Constant Monitoring: Even after all the training, sometimes a collector may need a little extra help. Monitoring collectors calls is a way to see whether or not more training is needed.  You will never truly know how a collector is on a call unless you experience it first hand. This is a way to be sure your collectors are staying compliant well after their training.

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