What Construction Workers Need to Know About COVID-19

Although remote work in the construction sector does not allow on-site projects to progress due to the physical nature of the job, support staff such as architects, engineers, and administrative Read more

How to Prevent Your Calls From Being Blocked or Labeled as Spam

Without a call blocking & labeling solution, it’s difficult to know what’s actually happening to your calls after you dial. Oftentimes though, abnormally low connection rates can be a telling sign Read more

Building a Social Media Strategy for Niche Industries

Social media is a pretty powerful (and free) tool. Regardless of the personal social media accounts you may or may not have, your company must have a consistent presence on the social platforms Read more

Cybersecurity Basics for Any Small Business

In honor of cybersecurity month, here a few very basic tips to keep in mind. Read more

How to Integrate Technology into Your Next Construction Site

As construction projects become bigger and more complex, technology must keep up. Read more

Can Social Media Help You Recruit?

A full 94 percent of professional recruiters network on social media, and use it to post jobs to an extensive community. Is this a useful strategy? Read more

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