Communicating With Empathy in Collections During & After COVID-19

Facilitating professional development and training is a great way to invest in your agency's greatest asset, your collectors. We spoke with Mary Shores, a second generation debt collection agency Read more

SHAKEN/STIR and Its Impact to Call Center Operations

In the world of call blocking and labeling, one of the most talked-about anti-robocalling initiatives comes in the form of the SHAKEN/STIR protocol. Read more

Debt Collection 101: The Necessity of Using Call Recordings for Training

If you are not using call recordings, you're missing out on an integral training tool. Read more

Do You Know How Your Calls Are Being Labeled Across the Network?

Fraud. Scam Likely. Spam. Read more

Is Call Blocking by Default the Answer?: The FCC's New Proposal Passes

The FCC has voted to allow phone carriers to block robocalls by default. Read more

How to Decrease Overhead and Increase Revenue at Your Collection Agency [CASE STUDY]

Increasing accounts worked while reducing number of agents sounds impossible, right? Read more

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