We put our manual dialing solution software to the test.

The RMA Conference is an exciting time of year. Some of the best and brightest industry thought leaders are gathered in one place, plus it's an opportunity for us to showcase our software to our key audience.


This year, we decided to put all our product's claims of productivity to the test. 

We knew there was almost 400 prospects there we wanted to get in front of (396, to be exact) and we wanted to remind them to stop by our vendor booth during the opening of the exhibit hall and throughout the conference. 


At the heart of the campaign was one goal: to show how productive our software can be while encouraging attendees to stop by our booth. 

We used our TCPA Compliant manual dialing solution Arbeit Click to get the job done. 

During the first break of the conference, we imported our targeted list of contacts into Arbeit Click. We created one custom disposition, "Agreed to stop by." Other dispositions were voicemail, do not call, no answer, or answered. Our account executives were only allowed to make one call at a time. Below are the results of the campaign:


Although the majority of our calls went to voicemail, it was easy for us to pull a report and see who agreed to stop by. We made live contact with each individual account - meaning one of our account executives left a live voicemail in a mailbox, with a representative, or spoke to the contact. 

In this individual case, we made 396 calls in an hour

If we pulled that data a bit further along, lets say, for 8 hours - we'd have made live contact with 3,168 accounts. 

We hope we've demonstrated how powerful and efficient our products can be. Designed by former collection agency owners with the intent to boost the productivity of agencies without compromising accuracy or the "live touch" - and now yours to try for free for 30 days, with 6 months of RCIs included. 

Make sure you stop by our booth today or tomorrow and talk to Alex or Ashley about how we can get you set up with a free trial of our Dialer - or click here to make an appointment with one of our account executives.