Alex and Spencer are joined by Mary Ann Hess of Niagara Honey Moon Sweets! 

The Key Points

  • If you want to be an Entrepreneur be prepared for a lot of work. When you're an entrepreneur, you're everything. You're the stock person near the manufacturer. You're the packaging. You're the whole line, so you're up a lot of hours.
  • For people who do food at events, remember It's the client's big event and making sure that they're having a good time is your top priority.
  • For Mary Ann Hess, the most challenging part of opening her business was deciding what to bring and adjusting to regional taste. Make sure you research your customer base before launching your products.
  • You have to create a niche. You have to be different than other people. For Mary Ann Hess, she made unique chocolate cluster flavors.
  • Anybody can do anything. You just got to break it down figure out how. if somebody did it before, it doesn't matter what it is. Even building a computer if you put your mind to it and learn the language, you can build a computer.
  • When you're gonna do something no matter what it is if you don't do it 150%, 200% then give it up.
  • You just have to keep pounding away at your business. You're gonna get told no a lot of times, you're gonna go through money that you don't have, you're not gonna get people to help you, but if you believe in your heart you can do it. You can do it. You just have to fight through it all.

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