Are role playing activities worth the time?

The Key Points

  • We started writing profiles for the programming team to role-play with. Gave it to them as our target customer and then the sales team role plays with them, and then they have to answer what they currently do. How aggressive to be, how to mean to be, all that.
  • The programmers learn more about the market that we sell too. They get to learn more about the product that they develop because when you're a programmer developing a product you're not necessarily learning why it's important to the customer exactly.
  • This helps the programming team, but it obviously helps the sales team too. You could get them a training video and show them cold calls but until they actually say it for themselves it's not the same outcome. It works especially well when you put a newer sales rep with a more experienced sales rep because they know the objections.
  • Moral of the story is if you're not role-playing with your sales team you should do it. You should be doing it daily. A lot of studies show that's a great way to like get everyone on the phones and it's a great way to start the day.

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