Pardees Safidazeh is a Marketing Strategist and developer based out of Boston, MA. As a marketing team that puts out a lot of content, we wanted to get her advice on how to make our content stand out and create unique experiences for our customers.

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Demand & Lead Generation 1:54

The Perfect Team

To generate quality leads, it is necessary to facilitate interest in your brand. This is also known as demand generation. When engaging in lead and demand generation activities it is also important to keep your company in mind. It’s necessary to know the audience that your specific company is trying to attract. By doing this, you’ll save time for your sales team & ultimately increase revenue in the long-term.

Importance of Knowing Your Customer 2:51 

What NOT to Do

Setting the wrong goals is one of the most common lead generation mistakes. It’s important to focus on quality over quantity of leads to ensure that your leads are aligned with your company’s customer profile. This helps your sales and marketing team harmoniously work together by reducing the amount of time spent on follow-up with poor quality leads.

Improve Customer Experience (and Lead Quality) 4:16 

Demand Generation Activities

Improve the customer experience and generate demand by focusing on the people. Look for signals that will help you discover who your customers are and what they are interested in. Interviewing your company’s target demographic and seeking feedback from your sales team are methods of finding creative ways to generate demand, and leads.

Get to Know Your Customers First 6:17 

Cold Outreach is Becoming a Thing of the Past

Two Simple Steps for Connecting with Your Customers:

  1. Focus on the channels your customers are already using
  2. Generate a creative experience in that community/channel

B2C Demand Generation: Example #1 7:20 

Air Canada’s Poutine Pop-Up

  • Educated customers on the different places they offer flights to and from
  • Encouraged customers to share their experience with others
  • Motivated customers to follow their social media accounts

Ultimately, Air Canada was able to create a memorable experience that stood out to their customers and kept their brand top of mind.

B2B Demand Generation: Example #2 8:40 

HubSpot’s Art Installations

  • Provided fun experiences at the conference
  • Facilitated connections between attendees
  • Encouraged customers to share their experience on social media

Ultimately, HubSpot was able to create a fun experience that conference attendees wanted to share.

Stand Out (Combat Content Overload) 9:20 

Create a personal connection by focusing on your customer base first. They are the most likely to care about, read and share your content. 

Creative Lead Generation: Example #3 10:00 

Wistia’s Video Ad Documentary

  • Showcased three different video ad budgets
  • Outlined the process of creating a video on each budget
  • Quality way of creating valuable and shareable content for customers

Ultimately, Wistia created content that their customer base and target audience considered valuable.

Know Where Your Customers Are 10:50 

Regardless of the different platforms that exist or are trending at a single point in time, know where your customers and target audience are, and ensure that you are there to reach them.

Additional Resources for Generating Demand & Leads

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