Being a collector requires a particular set of skills. A key aspect that any collector should have is exceptional people skills. Have you ever heard of the term "kill'em with kindness"? Showing empathy towards your consumers is what separates the average collector from the great collectors. Collectors are on the phone constantly throughout the day, and because of this, people skills are vital for them to succeed in their job. Like they always say; "You get more bees with honey than you do vinegar".

Being empathetic while on the phone is very important to collectors. Most consumers end up with unforeseen circumstances which ultimately leads to financial burden and debt. It is important to listen to consumers and find a way to relate to them. However, showing empathy is more than just listening. Collectors need to place themselves in the consumer's situation and try to understand the predicament.  If collectors are able to understand how the consumer feels, they are more likely to find a plan that will work.

Never forget to smile! Although it may sound crazy, you can hear a smile over the phone.  While making calls, it is important to always been smiling and stay upbeat.  Smiling, happiness and a great attitude can make a world of difference. Collectors have to show these traits on their calls because it can transfer to a consumer.

Kindness, empathy, and people skills are also important when it comes to staying compliant.  Complaints often do not come when someone is in a good mood, they come when people are upset.  When collectors “kill’em with kindness” consumers will be in a better mood during the call which may help to decrease complaints.

If you want to find out more ways to stay compliant, check out our blog 5 Tips to Call Compliance. There are some excellent tips that you can use to stay compliant on your calls.

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