Is creativity something you are born with?

Key Points

  • The problem with trying to be creative at work is a lot of times people are worried about what other people are going to think of their idea.
  • Make sure your culture is accepting of being creative in the first place. Create a safe culture. When people give ideas, don't immediately shoot it down.
  • If people have problems being creative, have them sit in an open area and work in small groups. That way they can bounce ideas off each other and ideas can spark each other.
  • Sometimes as a manager, you have to set up the rules and then walk away. If there's a manager in the room people may be waiting for the manager to start or even worse just be a yes-person to the manager.
  • When people do have a good idea highlight it. This helps people who are afraid to be creative because it encourages other people share ideas too.

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