Home automation systems aren't always what they look like in the movies. 

We had the opportunity to chat with the CEO of RORA Systems, Bill Reilly, about the current and future applications of AI, smart homes, and home automation systems. Bill Reilly has had 16 years of experience in the internet and telecommunications industry with a focus on making networking easier for service providers around the world. 

Over the past six years, Bill has seen how software, AI and machine learning work together to “make the internet easy” for service providers. In his personal life, he became aware of the difficulties associated with managing the different home automation devices and features of a smart home. 

From this, RORA Systems was created to simplify smart home management through the synchronization of multiple home automation systems and devices.

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What is a Smart Home System? 4:53

In simplistic terms, a smart home system can help you automate aspects of your life. With a smart home system, you’ll be able to keep track of the things that are most important to you; one example is energy efficiency. 

The integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important to the smart home industry.

Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence & Home Automation 8:16

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have to be out of reach for the average consumer. There is a minimalistic approach that can be taken when an individual decides to incorporate AI into their daily life. AI may sound complicated, but in combination with a smart home system, it can help you simplify your life.

Artificial Intelligence applications, such as home automation systems, are useful in the sense that they adapt to your lifestyle and needs to provide you with optimal experiences.

Implementation of a Smart Home System 9:35

You may be wondering who is responsible for the installation of a smart home system. Is it the company I bought the system from or do I need to hire someone else?

In the home automation industry, there is currently no specialized workforce that is dedicated to the installation of smart home systems. There have been beginnings of this though which can be seen in some home security companies. In the future, there is potential for this to become more prevalent as the demand for home automation grows. 

RORA Systems coordinates with general contractors, plumbers, and other professionals to ensure successful implementation, integration, and installation of a Smart Home System in your home.

Home Automation Simplified 12:53

Thinking that this all sounds a little bit too complicated? RORA Systems’ goal is to make the entire process of implementing a smart home system simple while accounting for your specific needs and preferences. They incorporate everything into a “1-2-3 Step Process” that contains a set of “experience” packages:

1. Choose your pre-configured home automation system experience
  • Getting Started 
  • Welcome Home
  • Energy Focus
  • Safety Focus
2. Pick an install date that’s convenient for you
3. RORA Systems coordinates with necessary professionals to ensure proper installation

Automation in the Kitchen 15:06

According to Bill, there’s a lot of opportunities in our kitchens for the integration of AI and machine learning in the future. Potential applications include the following:

  • Pantries
  • Fridges 
  • Stoves
  • Cooking
  • Energy efficiency

Smart fridges, cooking technology, and stoves are already emerging in the home automation industry. Smart pantries and more advanced applications are most likely only a couple years away.

These AI applications have the potential to make measurable differences in people’s lives. Saving money on electricity and never having to guess about what food we’re out of? Count us in!

Impact of AI & Machine Learning on the Environment 18:23

Cities are beginning to make investments on sensors that utilize AI technology to measure air quality, pollution levels, and carbon emissions. 

In agriculture, AI has the potential to be used for keeping the right type of pests and birds out to reduce the need for genetic modification of our food.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will allow us to make better decisions as they continue to advance and expand into new industries. 

Progress of AI & Machine Learning in Buffalo, NY 20:44

We’ve already begun to see the progression and application of AI close to home, at the University at Buffalo near the Arbeit Software HQ in Buffalo, NY. The Buffalo area is becoming an increasingly attractive place for tech startups like RORA Systems. 

Think a Smart Home System is Right for You?

Feel free to e-mail Bill Reilly or visit the RORA Systems website for more information.

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