Gritseed was borne out of necessity, and it has become a whole new way to think about hiring.


"There are tons of amazing, under-employed people who, if you look at their resume, they would never get a chance. But if you give them a chance, they can do amazing things for your company," says Raj Suchak, founder of Gritseed.

How do you source the right talent in 2019, during one of the toughest labor markets we've ever seen? Raj has developed an automated strategy that works like this: 

1. Widen Your Candidate Funnel

Raj found that many job descriptions discourage people to apply for their company by listing extensive experience and education requirements. Someone who is self-taught, with the grit to learn, might not apply simply because they don't feel qualified.

"Many job seekers will skim or entirely pass over the description to scroll to the ‘requirements’ for the ideal candidate; experience with X software, Y number of years experience, this license or certification." - Gritseed Blog

To remedy this, Raj says, "widen the funnel at the top."

2. Give Everybody a Chance

Ask questions that force candidates to show they have the growth mindset to learn. Even if they don't have formal training, guide the candidates through your process, pointing them to the right resources when it applies.

As Raj says, a candidate who shows they are willing to learn will apply that same mindset to their role at your business. Raj gave an anecdote about a candidate who spent 9 hours solving one problem, and went on to roll out 7 new features on their software after only 3 months.

"In my mind, that is grit," says Raj.

What are some other indicators of grit, you might ask?

Indicators of Grit

Raj says that around 80 percent of your candidates will self-filter out of the process if you present your pool of candidates with a challenge early on. Many candidates will not be willing to go through the process, but those who do will quickly show their "grit."

Once you are left with the pool of 20 percent of hardworking and willing candidates, you can focus in on the right people with targeted interviews based on the filters Gritseed provides.

What Are the Stakes?

"A mishire is such a terrible thing for everyone involved," says Raj. "It's so important to set expectations early on."

Raj puts this in context of a startup, but it applies to businesses across the board. More and more, thought leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck go so far as to say that you should fire your top performer if he or she fosters a toxic work environment. 

It's not just your work environment that will suffer. Many of us can probably say we've worked in a job where we wake up in the morning and dread what comes next. We don't want to go to work, and when we come home at night, we dread the next day. If we're lucky, we can change our circumstance. Raj says this new philosophy of hiring is a way to prevent this kind of drudgery.

"Time is the most valuable gift that we have," said Raj. "If you are somebody that appreciates that, remember: Monday morning when your alarm goes off, please be excited about going to work. If you're not, you're doing yourself a disservice, first and foremost, and you're doing other people around you a disservice."

"Time is ticking away and you want to look back on your life and say, 'I put my heart and soul into everything I was doing.'"

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