What does launching a startup really look like? 



The idea for MITYO conceptually began in Josh and Tom's dorm room, and was officially launched last year. They shared their journey from their college dorm to their downtown Buffalo showroom with us this week! Check out the interview above or read the main points below.

  • MITYO approaches film photography from a tech standpoint. They found their niche when they noticed our iPhone cameras, while convenient, often limit memories to digital safekeeps rather than physical. Hearing story after story about someone forgetting to back up their phone and lose all their photos prompted the idea. 
  • Their business idea evolved organically over time, but has always been customer-centric - convenient and easy to use. 
  • They also strive to partner with local artists, noticing that Buffalo has a very focused and committed artist community.
  • When they first started, figuring out how to navigate social media marketing was their top priority as a B2C company. 
  • As two relatively young entrepreneurs, Josh and Tom are learning as they go and finding mentors to help them make the big decisions along the way, but also learning that often, building a business is a series of small decisions. 
  • One of the biggest piece of advice: Work with people you gel with. Skill set is important, but more important is that you genuinely enjoy the people you build your business with.

If you want to know more about MITYO, click here

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