How Debt Surveys And Reviews Impact An Agency

The Importance of Surveys

  • We did a poll with to consumers, and we asked them if they found out that there was a debt against them, how would they determine if the agency contacting them was legitimate?
  • Around 26% of consumers look at Google specifically. 3% look on social media. About 13% look at your website and 40% do all of those things, so it's safe to say that 75% of people look at Google reviews when you call them. Having good reviews is essential to better collections.
  • The best thing you can do is be aware of your online presence. Look at all of these, not just one of them. If you are going to focus on one, focus on Google reviews.
  • It's understandable that collections agencies are not going to have good reviews on Google. You can't ask for a positive review because of reviewing policies. However, you can ask for a review knowing that they're going to leave a positive one.
  • You can assume people who had a good experience with you would be more likely to give a good review. Send them a note after the fact and ask them for a review to boost your reviews.
  • If consumers learn that you deal well with consumers, then they're probably going to be less apprehensive, less defensive towards dealing with you in the first place.

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