Matt Kiefer, MBA sat down with us to share his tips on training, negotiation, linguistic modeling, and much more.

"You're always dealing with various personality types - you've got a people person, dreamers, thinkers, drivers - so you've got to be able to identify those different personality types and address each one accordingly, specific to the personality type."

The job of a debt collector requires customer service skills, quick thinking skills, being detail oriented, keeping compliance top of mind, and while doing all of that - negotiating with consumers about a very sensitive subject. 

FCA President Elect Matt Kiefer is the Chief Officer of Information, Compliance & Development at the Preferred Group of Tampa. His career has spanned public service as a police officer, full service restaurant management, and finally, his position at the Preferred Group. which he calls his home. He says that effective negotiation requires a few key elements:

1. Ongoing training using resources such as ACA International's Core Curriculum

2. Linguistic modeling

3. Building rapport

Be sure to watch the full video to hear how Matt's training facilitates positive conversations and fair payment plans for his agency's clients. If you would like to learn more best practices for debt collection, check out The Value of Attending Trade Shows in the Debt Collection Industry and What's So Important about Empathy in the Workplace?

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