We’ve gathered detailed information on the top five virtual & in-person debt collection conferences you’ll find most beneficial to attend in 2020. Based on our past event experiences and knowledge we’ve gained in 2019, we believe these events will help you gain a competitive advantage in the accounts receivable industry.

Notice (3/13/2020): Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many recent events and conferences have been cancelled, changed or rescheduled for the safety of potential attendees and event organizers. Please visit the websites associated with the conferences mentioned below, or the CDC website, to stay up to date on additional COVID-19 related changes, cancellations and other health & safety information. 

*We will continue to update this article with any known event changes relating to COVID-19*

Debt Collection Events You Need to Attend

The following are arranged in chronological order. Events that have already passed have a strike through them - click here to jump to upcoming events.


#1: Collector.Live! Home Edition  

It's back! The Collector.Live! event was such a hit earlier in the year that the organizers decided to host another. The best part? The event is completely free and virtual! The only payment that is being encouraged are donations for a good cause.

According to AccountsRecovery.net, donations will go to Direct Relief, a non-profit organization, and "will be used to help provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers responding to the pandemic."

If you're a collector or are leading a team of collectors, this is the perfect opportunity to sharpen up you & your teams skillset. Having strong communication skills & empathy will be critical when interacting with consumers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, so now is the time to get involved with soft skills training. Since most teams in the debt collection industry are working remotely now, this event can also prove to be an effective way to bring your team together and start a discussion

No monetary investment is required, just your time. If you decide to make time for this event, here's what your team will get out of it:

Best practices & tips from nearly 24 industry experts

COVID-19 related discussions surrounding collector efficiency, productivity and adapting to the new "normal"

And additional free knowledge that can help your collectors with the transition to working from home!

Event Date: April 21st starting @ 12 PM [EVENT HAS PASSED]

Location: Event is virtual, attend from anywhere!

Cost to Attend: FREE, but donations to Direct Relief are encouraged

Where to Register: On the Collector.Live website

#2: ACA International Annual Convention & Expo

If you’re unable to make the Spring Forum & Expo we’d recommend attending ACA International’s Convention & Expo in July, which is going to be completely online

We were in attendance last year and learned a lot about the impact of specific regulations on consumers and collectors, up and coming technologies for the debt collection industry, as well as the additional challenges that individuals in the industry face.

For industry professionals, this is a great opportunity to evaluate new vendors and technologies, gain a deeper understanding of how to improve debt recovery in 2020 and share ideas with like-minded individuals. We share some tips for making the most out of your time at the event here.

This conference is very important to us. By attending and interacting with industry professionals, we’re able to gain the insight necessary to create products that directly meet our customer’s needs. We will be exhibiting our TCPA compliant calling solution and hosted VoIP office system this year, so be sure to stop by! 

Interested, but know that you won’t be attending? You can schedule a demo with one of our product experts at any time.

Conference Dates: July 15-16, 2020 [EVENT HAS PASSED]

Location: Virtual event

#3: Southwest ACA Virtual Conference & Expo

We're so happy that the Southwest ACA is going virtual! Not only that, but the conference agenda is tailored to help debt collection agencies work through the current challenging climate. The theme is literally called "Life After Corona!"

We will be exhibiting our cloud-based voice broadcast dialer & TCPA compliant dialer, so be sure to visit us virtually!

Can't attend? Schedule a demo to see our solutions in action.

Here are the proposed session topics that we're really looking forward to:

Training, motivating & compensating collectors

COVID-19 liability issues

Work from home takeaways

TCPA issues (robocalls, call blocking, etc.)

This conference is also super affordable to attend, especially for ACA members and groups. We hope to see you there!

Conference Dates: October 13-15 [EVENT HAS PASSED]

Location: Virtual Event

Cost for Members:

$39 for single members

$20 for member groups [all members in group must register at the same time]

Cost for Non-Members:

$59 for single non-members

$40 for non-member groups [all non-members in group must register at the same time]

Where to Register: On the ACA International website

#4: Southeast Regional Conference

Also known as the "Make Collections Great" annual meeting, this conference gives you the ability to hear from guest speakers, participate in educational sessions, Q&A, and network with debt collection agency members from your state. Here's how it works: when you register, you're able to indicate which state(s) you're an agency member in. The options include South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee as well as an "other unit" option. 

As a sponsor of the conference in 2019, the team at Arbeit Software believes that its a great way to connect with agency members and learn about changes in the industry that impact the states you collect in. 

An agenda hasn't been released yet, but you can check out some highlights from a past year's conference in the meantime.

You can also get an idea of the types of industry experts that speak at this event by watching Arbeit Software's discussion with Harry Strausser, a speaker at last year's conference, below 👇

Event Dates: Delayed due to COVID-19 - TBD

Location: Sheraton Atlanta, GA

Cost for NC, VA, GA & TN Agencies:

FREE for 1 attendee per agency 

125$ for any additional person from a member agency

Cost for South Carolina & Other Unit Agency Attendees:

$200 per person

$125 for the 3rd person from a SC member agency

Where to Register: On the conference website

More information will be coming soon! You can check out all of the information that's currently available here.

#5: Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance Conference

The executive team at insideARM created this event for all women in consumer and commercial finance - the first of its kind in the industry! 💪 And because the conference is entirely virtual this year, you'll be able to attend safely from the comfort of your home or office.

This is a great opportunity for women to network with and learn from other women in the industry, as well as engage in fun workshops and activities to keep things interesting. One of our account executives, Kaitlyn Filippi, had the privilege to meet some amazing and talented women when she attended the event last year. Here's what our team is looking forward to in 2020:

Managing Up & Across to Influence Outcomes Workshop

Unconscious Bias Storytime - our Marketing Director, Tracy, is on this panel!

Speak Up, We're Listening Storytime

And all 3 of the diversity & inclusion workshops!

As we were browsing through the conference details, we also wanted to mention that the new 8-Week Executive Adventure caught our eye! This 8-week program, starting on September 15th, will be running before the Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance Conference. Think of it as preparation that will enable you to network more effectively at the conference in December!

To learn more about the bi-weekly challenges and support you'll receive during your journey towards speaking confidently about the value of others and your career, click here.

Conference Dates: December 8-10, 2020

Location: Virtual Event

Single Registration Cost: $300

Group Registration Cost: 

$950 for small teams (3-5 registrations)

$1700 for large teams (6-10 registrations)

Where to Register: On the insideARM website

Unsure about the value of attending these? Melissa Nash, President of the FCA, explains the importance of attending conferences & trade shows in the debt collection industry below 👇

We hope to see you soon! 

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