We’ve gathered detailed information on the top five debt collection conferences you’ll find most beneficial to attend in 2020. Based on our past event experiences and knowledge we’ve gained in 2019, we believe these events will help you gain a competitive advantage in the accounts receivable industry.

Debt Collection Events You Need to Attend

The following are arranged in chronological order.

#1: Collector.Live!

As stated on the event website, Collector.Live! features seventeen speakers with the goal of educating and motivating individual debt collectors, while inspiring innovation. 

Some of the discussion topics we found most interesting are as follows:

‣ Remaining Compliant During Difficult Calls

‣ Changing the Image of Collections

‣ Neuro-Linguistic Programming

We’re super excited to dive deeper into these topics. Arbeit Software was a sponsor for the event in 2019, and we will be sponsoring again this year. 

That’s not the only reason why we’re suggesting you register for this event - last year we had the chance to speak one on one with Harry Strausser, one of the Collector.Live! Speakers for 2019. The tips he was able to provide us with were unique, detailed and extremely useful for collectors to improve their performance. 

To get an idea of the types of industry professionals that speak at these events, we’d suggest watching our interview with Harry.

Event Date: January 22, 2020

Location: The event will be live-streamed to your office

Cost to Attend: Register your entire office for $497

Where to Register: On the Collector.Live! Website

#2: Receivables Management Association International’s Annual Conference

What we like most about this conference, is the value it provides for a variety of individuals in the receivables management industry. As stated on the RMAi website, the conference provides industry education, networking and business opportunities for the following: 

‣ Debt buyers

‣ Originating creditors

‣ Collection agencies

‣ Law firms

‣ Brokers & affiliates

The conference seamlessly meets each industry member’s needs with targeted networking events for developing new business relationships. First time attending? There’s a networking event for that. Seasoned executive? There’s an event for that too. Originating creditor? New for 2020, the conference has a networking session specifically for you. Having the ability to attend networking events that are most meaningful based on your role and experience, will help you gain the most value from the conference.

When we attended the conference in 2019, we were able to see first-hand the impact it had on people in the industry. Based on what they learned, some of our customers who attended revealed that they’d be changing the type of debt they’d collect on going forward. The knowledge they gained from this event helped them make better-informed business decisions. 


Conference Dates: February 3-6, 2020

Location: Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Cost to Attend: $1,295 for members & $1,595 for non-members

Where to Register: register.rcsreg.com 

#3: ACA International’s Spring Forum & Expo

Accounts receivable management professionals are able to choose from three educational tracks during the expo - compliance designations and new for 2020, a ForwardTech and Business Intelligence track will be offered.  

Big data, automation, and cloud technology will continue to be prominent trends in 2020. If you’re looking to stay compliant while keeping up with the industry’s imminent technological revolution, then this conference is for you. And if we’re being honest, who wouldn’t want to attend a conference in sunny Las Vegas? 

Event Dates: March 11-13, 2020

Location: M Resort in Las Vegas, NV

Cost to Attend: $780 for members & $1,550 for non-members

Where to Register: On the ACA International website

#4: IA Strategy & Tech

If you’ve been seeking out new technology for your credit and collections strategy, this conference is one you’ll definitely want to be at. You’ll be able to see up and coming technology for the accounts receivable management industry demoed live on stage.

The best part? You won’t find yourself wasting dollars on unnecessary technology. Instead, you’ll gain insight into the applications of these technologies, to improve the effectiveness of your collections strategy. Through the conference’s networking app, you’ll be able to connect with the executives behind the technology immediately.

Additionally, industry experts will provide practical and insightful strategies for using technology and analytics in collections. Digital strategies including everything from artificial intelligence to account prioritization will be discussed. 

As stated on the conference website, this event is best suited for anyone involved in credit and collections strategy - from first-party and third-party, to consumer and commercial.

Conference Dates: June 10-12

Location: Austin, TX

Cost to Attend: $1,499 - but, you can save 400$ with the double-early-bird discount!

Where to Register: On the insideARM website

#5: ACA International Annual Convention & Expo

If you’re unable to make the Spring Forum & Expo, we’d recommend attending ACA International’s Convention & Expo in July. 

We were in attendance last year and learned a lot about the impact of specific regulations on consumers and collectors, up and coming technologies for the debt collection industry, as well as the additional challenges that individuals in the industry face.

For industry professionals, this is a great opportunity to evaluate new vendors and technologies, gain a deeper understanding of how to improve debt recovery in 2020 and share ideas with like-minded individuals. We share some tips for making the most out of your time at the event here.

This conference is very important to us. By attending and interacting with industry professionals, we’re able to gain the insight necessary to create products that directly meet our customer’s needs. We will be exhibiting our TCPA compliant calling solution and hosted VoIP office system this year, so be sure to stop by! 

Interested, but know that you won’t be attending? You can schedule a demo with one of our product experts at any time.

Conference Dates: July 15-17, 2020

Location: Hilton Chicago

Cost to Attend: TBD

Where to Register: TBD

Unsure about the value of attending these? Melissa Nash, President of the FCA, explains the importance of attending conferences & trade shows in the debt collection industry below 👇

We hope to see you soon! 

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