COVID-19: Logistics & Supply Chain Impact + Tips to Manage

We outline the impact we’ve seen so far of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on logistics & supply chains while outlining steps you can take now and in the future to mitigate potential risks to Read more

Communication Preferences by Generation in Collections & Business

Our very own Market Research Analyst, Kaitlyn Filippi, Marketing Director, Tracy Montour, and CEO, Alex Villafranca sat down to discuss communication preferences by generation and how they apply Read more

What Construction Workers Need to Know About COVID-19

Although remote work in the construction sector does not allow on-site projects to progress due to the physical nature of the job, support staff such as architects, engineers, and administrative Read more

Best Practices for Email Communication in Debt Collection

Email as a debt collection tool can be intimidating. Read more

Brand Building Strategies for Debt Collection Agencies

Is brand building important in the debt collection industry? Sean Williams, Principal at Williams, Rush & Associates thinks so, and shares his strategies for building a positive reputation.   Read more

How Real Estate Professionals Can Navigate the Impacts of COVID-19

UPDATED 7/21/2020 Note: We will continue to update this article regularly. Read more

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