We've entered into a new partnership with Numeracle, and we're so excited to share why!

In all our endeavors, we hope to demonstrate a commitment to compliance coupled with efficiency. We also work to be proactive when it comes to challenges the debt collection industry faces. Because of that, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Numeracle!

numeracle blog 1 Before we get into the "how", we want to explain the "why." It's no secret that technology exists to identify and block illegal robocalls. But this technology is not always 100 percent right. Often, agencies like yours are affected by this flawed technology.

Along with flawed technology, the FCC and regulatory pressure has resulted in deployment of widespread robocall blocking "solutions." Numeracle estimates that anywhere from 25 percent of phone numbers are mislabeled and blocked by this ecosystem.

In our new partnership with Numeracle, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to de-stigmatizing the debt collection industry by empowering responsible agencies to call consumers in a transparent way. Numeracle is working with major carriers, device manufacturers, app developers and industry leaders to deliver a path to visibility and control into the new calling ecosystem. Through the company’s technology vision and industry leadership, Numeracle is laying the foundation for returning trust and transparency to customer communications.

Here's How It's Gonna Work!

Arbeit’s existing and future customers will now have the ability to register the phone numbers they use to communicate with consumers as well as certify their calling party trust. Numeracle’s registration and certification services as provided by Arbeit will also include access to monthly health check and risk rating reports, which provide the ability to see how calls are being labeled and to add, edit, revise or swap out numbers if needed.

"Arbeit’s mission to enhance the productivity and compliance of its clients while improving customer engagement metrics makes the company a natural fit for a strategic partnership with Numeracle,” said Rebekah Johnson, the founder & CEO of Numeracle. “By taking the initiative to extend Numeracle’s visibility and control in the call blocking and labeling ecosystem to its customer base, Arbeit is enabling its clients to effectively adapt to the changes in call delivery best practices with actionable measures to improve right party contacts and maintain positive brand reputation.”   

Numeracle 1

Through Numeracle's monthly health check report, an agency can summarize how all of your numbers are being perceived and labeled by the analytics network, as a way for you to maintain that ongoing visibility.

The increased contact rate our clients are going to see from this is going to be nuts,” said Alex Villafranca, CEO and co-founder of Arbeit Software. “Just ask yourself, if a call rang your cell phone right now, your screen lit up red and said "SCAM LIKELY" would you pick it up? If you did, would you take that caller seriously? The answer’s a big fat "NO!”. This is a game changer for agencies and we’re excited to be among the first contact solution providers in the collections industry to start offering this service to its clients.”

The addition of call blocking and labeling solutions to our existing offering aims to empower responsible businesses to reach consumers in a transparent way, and in turn, create “a new calling ecosystem.” We are confident that these services will allow you to:

  • Achieve visibility into how your calls are being labeled
  • Removed fraudulent call labels that could be negatively impacting consumer perception
  • Control consistent delivery of your brand
  • Implement a long-term strategy for the ongoing use of your numbers 

Adding this service to your existing services costs $299.99/month - no upfront fees.

For more information on this partnership, or how you can get started taking back control of your numbers, click below! Learn More


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