What's so critical about aligning sales and marketing departments?



A few members of our leadership team (Alex, Tracy and Rebecca) sat down to have a conversation about how sales and marketing logistically takes place.

Statistics Worth Noting

  • According to MarketingProfs, organizations that reported a tightly aligned sales and marketing had 36% higher customer retention rates, and achieved 38% higher sales win rates
  • B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster growth and 27% faster profit growth over a three year period according to Sirius Decisions

A recent Sirius Decisions poll of 300 sales leaders highlights this: “The top third of the sales cycle has gone away. Salespeople believe that the beginning of the traditional sales process has evaporated and that buyers are self-servicing their needs instead of engaging with salespeople.”  

Sales needs marketing (and vice versa) now more than ever.

With that in mind, here are three things businesses can align to book more meetings:

Content Alignment 

Marketing should take commonly asked questions and concerns into account when crafting a content strategy. Likewise, sales should be trained on how to use marketing content in the selling process.

If they are perfectly aligned, content should drive revenue and encourage consumers to book a meeting, request a demo, etc. Meanwhile, any general prospecting sales does can be coupled with marketing content for optimal results and as a way to demonstrate value to the consumer before a hard sell is made.

Buyer Persona Alignment 

Sales and marketing must agree on who the target buyer is, what they do every day, what they care about, and why they buy. This effort should not necessarily be owned by marketing or sales exclusively, although sales has a more organic way of uncovering this information.

If this information is not aligned, marketing may be spending hours on a message that falls on deaf ears. Similarly sales may be prospecting in the wrong place or wasting time on unqualified leads.

The buyer persona and buying process map are a foundation element of the revenue chain and as a result, alignment it critical.

Lead Flow Alignment 

When is the right time to pass a MQL on to sales? How should sales appropriately follow up on a lead that has, for example, downloaded a case study or read a blog?

If a lead is not passed on early enough, or if a lead is passed on too early, it’s possible it won’t result in a conversion. Aligning the structure of the sales funnel is critical to turning a “cold” lead into a demo.

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