Compliance is the holy grail of collection. In the collection business, you must always be sure your agents are staying compliant while making their calls. I sat down with Roger Morse, an Account Executive here at Arbeit to discuss compliance. Roger has dealt with compliance issues for years. While spending four years as the CCO of a company, Roger handled compliance training and ensured the company was compliant with all state and federal regulations.

During our discussion Roger told me that the great thing about using Arbeit Click is that the software allows you to set parameters to assure you are staying compliant. However, Roger tells me most compliance claims are from agents saying and doing the wrong thing. It is the responsibility of company management to ensure agents are staying compliant in what they say and do on the phones. If you are looking for some tips on how you can stay compliant, we’ve got you covered!  Roger offered his top 5 Tips to Compliance:

  1. Proper Hiring - Roger stressed that compliance is something that flows from the top down.  It starts with leadership having the ability to hire collectors that will be able to not only get the job done, but that can stay compliant while doing so.  Roger spoke of the importance for employers to hire collectors that have proper phone etiquette. This includes being able to annunciate, the ability to know when to quit talking and being able to know how and when to listen correctly.
  2. Training - Training is something that should be done from an agent's first day on the job, to their last. As Roger put it, “The day you stop training and retraining, is the day you stop being compliant”.  Roger highlighted two areas where training should always be happening. They are training of the law and an agent's tone and inflection.

    Training should continuously be done on laws such as TCPA, FDCPA,  and the CFPB. Laws and regulations are always changing and it is imperative that agents are knowledgeable in these areas in order to stay compliant with them.

    When it comes to Tone and Inflection, it is important that you as supervisors train your agents on how they should be relaying their message.  When it comes to the importance of tone and inflection, Roger told me, “It's not what you say, but how you say it”. Agents must be trained on the proper way your message should be relayed.

  3. Listening Skills - Having strong listening skills is one of the most important things an agent can have. Roger emphasized the importance of being a good listener when he told me “God gives you one mouth to talk less and two ears to listen more”. As a manager you must assist agents in developing their listening skills so they can more easily relate to and understand consumers . Most complaints happen when there are misunderstandings, and when you are able to listen well, agents can cut down on misunderstandings.
    As your agents develop their listening skills, so too do they develop the ability to overcome objection. Roger discussed that in his experience, if an agent can listen to and understand a consumer's concerns, they are more easily able to work with them to find a solution to the situation.
  4. Kill Them With Kindness - “You’ll get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar”. Showing empathy is very important for your agents. As Roger discussed with me, most people do not choose to be in the situation they are in, your agents must be able to “kill them with kindness” and relate to them. People file complaints when they are angry, so make sure your agents are smiling. Although it may seem crazy, you can hear a smile, and it can go a long way in someone's day.
  5. Role Play - As managers, you should always wonder how your agents are on the phone. Role playing allows you to experience this while also testing them. You should test your agents frequently to assure they are up to the standard of you and your company. By doing this you can review their performance and be sure they are staying compliant.


So there ya go, Roger normally charges $800 for a course like this, but we are giving it to you for free. So do us the favor and check out our Arbeit Dialer and our TCPA compliant manual dialing solution Arbeit Click.

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